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Class Leaders and Their Duties

275. The Pastor in Charge shall nominate the person to be a class leader and a majority of the Quarterly Conference present shall elect him or her if there be no objection to his or her character, to serve one year, and no longer, unless re-elected. He/she must be of good sound judgment and truly devoted to God.

276. Previous to the expiration of the time a leader has to serve, the Pastor shall ascertain from the members of the class, by vote or otherwise, whether they wish their leader re-elected or not. They shall have said privilege by applying to the Quarterly Conference if there be no objection to his/her character or conduct.

277. The duties of a class leader are:

1. To meet the class once every week at the appointed place of meeting, and to visit those who may be absent as soon as possible, in order to inquire how their souls prosper; to advise, reprove, comfort, or exhort, as occasion may require.

2. To take a collection in the class once in three months for the poor at the time of giving out the Love Feast tickets. He or she shall be under the same restrictions as a Pastor in that particular.

3. To make such weekly or monthly collections for the support of the Pastor as shall be agreed upon by the special class leaders conference, trustees and steward board and the Quarterly Conference from time to time.

4. To pay into the hands of the preacher’s steward the money received from his/her class.

5. To meet each other’s classes as often as convenient, and to see that the sick and poor members have proper attention given them.

6. To apply through the Pastor to the poor steward for means of relief for his/her needy members.​

7. To collect from his/her members whatever assessment has been agreed upon for the support of the Presiding Elder.

8. To collect from his/her members as much as he/she can for the connectional budget and special assessment for local purposes and report the same to the Pastor.

¶278. The 46th Quadrennial Session of the General Conference directs that the leader of class leaders shall serve as a class leader of all class leaders in the local church. There shall be a maximum of 30 members in any one class. The church responsibility of the leader of class leaders will be to hold class meetings when the class 
leader is unable to attend; to meet with class leaders every ninety days pursuant to the next Quarterly Conference and to encourage and/or assist all class leaders in preparation “and completion of their Quarterly Conference reports with the permission of the Pastor. The leader of class leaders shall be appointed by the Pastor and confirmed by the Quarterly Conference.

¶279. The class leader's quarterly report shall be made on the form approved by the 44th Quadrennial Session of the General Conference of The A. M. E. Zion. Church.

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